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Advancement Camp Recipes from Mr. McCormick

Chicken Marinade (Caribbean Ju Ju Slather)

o 1 sweet onion diced
o 2 lbs. honey
o 8 oz. yellow mustard
o 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
o 1 tsp Cayenne pepper
o Pinch ground cloves
o Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
o 1/4 cup dark brown sugar
o 1 cup chopped passion fruit or Passion Fruit puree
o 1 tsp black pepper


o Sauté the diced onion until slightly caramelized
o Deglaze pan and reduce volume by half (see Mr McCormick for Scout friendly deglazing tips)
o Stir in all remaining ingredients
o Simmer over low heat (stirring occasionally) for 30+ minutes (until fruit is tender)
o Puree until smooth (add water to thin if needed)


o If you puree in a blender wait for the sauce to cool
o Hot fluid in a blender creates a lot of hot air that will expand against the lid (pop!)
o The amount of cayenne and red pepper can be adjusted to taste
o Additional spice can also be added after the sauce is complete
o Splitting the batch is an easy way to accommodate different tolerances for spice
o Honey & mustard are available packaged in just about the right amounts for this recipe
o Quantities for any of the ingredients are to subject to taste anyway…
o Pineapple (canned or fresh) can be substituted for passion fruit
o More fruit can be added if a thicker sauce is desired in the final product
o This sauce is excellent on grilled meats (chicken, sea bass, shrimp…) and veggies
o Use the glaze at the end of the grilling process as is chars easily (lots of sugar)
o The sauce can be brushed onto the food or drizzled from a squeeze bottle
o It goes fast in our house – we usually make a double batch (and sometimes triple…)

Salad Dressing (Raspberry Vinaigrette)

o Raspberry vinegar
o Sugar
o Vegetable oil


o Put vinegar into mixing bowl and add sugar to taste (I use about equal volumes of both)
o Drizzle in vegetable oil to taste (I use about 3x the quantity of vinegar)
o Whisk vigorously during the drizzle to emulsify the dressing


o Make just enough dressing to lightly coat the salad
o Make the dressing right before tossing the salad (and use the same bowl)
o This dressing really works well with mescaline mix (or baby arugula)
o Any oil will work but lighter is better (olive oil seems to overpower the delicacy)

South Bass Camporee 9/11 – 9/13

Fall Invitational Camporee

Please note:  This camporee is not run by Troop 200.  This page is only intended as information for Troop 200 families and scouts.  Anyone not from Troop 200, please visit the Camporee pages hosted by Troop 360 at  Thank You.

This release form (PDF Version downloadable here)  can be printed / signed / scanned and returned to me at:
they may be printed and signed / handed to me at a T200 meeting, or given to Mr. Moffit or Mrs. Vanderbilt at the sign-up table.


 This year’s camporee will be the 25th annual, and also the 100th year anniversary of the Perry Memorial. Camping site is outstanding, in the shadow of Perry’s monument and adjacent to the shores of Lake Erie. Don’t miss the South Bass Camporee!
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You are cordially invited to Troop 360’s 23rd Fall Invitational Camporee on South Bass Island, Ohio. The camporee will be held on September 6, 7 & 8,  2013. Again this year the camporee will include attractions and events for your Troop to enjoy.

Registration includes:

  • All attractions
  • Ferry boat tickets
  • Island transportation to and from the ferry docks
  • 5 meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)
  • Camporee T-shirt
  • Camping fees

— Scout/Scouter health & parental release-permission form (you will need to copy for everyone attending). No Scout or Scouter will be admitted if you do have the health information & parental release form or are not listed on your troop roster.

— List of items you will need to bring with you.

— Ferry boat and shuttle transportation tickets.

— Miller Ferry Line schedule. Please be advised we do not provide camping on the mainland on Friday night so plan accordingly. Traditionally the last ferry on Friday night leaves the mainland at 8:30pm

In order for us to provide your Scouts and Scouters with a safe and enjoyable camporee, we must set a few camporee guidelines as follows:

  1. no personal bicycles will be allowed;
  2. no fueled lanterns or groundfires;
  3. No personal or troop vehicles will be allowed as we provide transportation to and from the ferry docks. Should a Troop drive an unauthorized vehicle to the Island, you will be asked to remove it to a mainland parking lot at your expense.
  4. Adhering to Safe Scouting guidelines and others outlined by the National Park Service at the leader’s meeting Friday night.
  5. We will have EMS at the Camporee site.
  6. Troops will need to present proof of a local or national tour permit at check-in.

Steven Jamison Eagle Project

August 2014

My Eagle/Capstone Project was at the Northwest Franklin County Historical Village and Museum, located at 4100 Columbia St in Hilliard, OH. I was laying bricks around a section of a large circular flower garden in the middle of the Historical Village. This circle was approximately a 2 foot width. The brick path will act as a walkway, or path, to look at or enjoy the flowers. I had also finished a path to the back of a cabin, separating a herb garden. The straight path to the cabin is now a 3 feet width by 9 foot length. By separating this garden it will make it easier to tend to the garden.

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