Troop 200 Eagle List


Number Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
Number Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
160 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
159 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
158 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
157 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
156 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
155 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
154 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
153 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
152 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
151 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
150 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
149 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
148 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
147 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
146 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
145 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
144 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
143 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
142 Name Eagle Date Project Recipient
141 Nick DeSilva 2/1/2020 Engineering Work Station Weaver Middle School, Hilliard, OH
140 Aaron Brown 1/21/2020 Stone Flower Planters St. Johns Presbyterian Church,Dublin, OH
139 Drew Heck 12/10/19 Benches & Picnic Table Thomas Elementary, Dublin, OH
138 Sai Bethina 12/4/19 Outdoor Learning Area Thomas Elementary, Dublin, OH
137 Andy Leonard 10/19/19 Concession Stand Shelving Coffman High School, Dublin, OH
136 Jeremy England 10/12/2019 Fire Ring NWUMC, Columbus, OH
135 Jack Aldridge 10/6/19 West House Paver Walkways Northwest Chapel, Dublin, OH
134 Sam Aldridge 10/6/19 Guest House Deck & Bench Northwest Chapel, Dublin, OH
133 Iain McCormick 10/5/19 Garden Compost Bins Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Grandview Hieghts, OH
132 Josh Stock 10/29/19 Gaga Pit & Donation Counter Grove City United Methodist, Grove City, OH
131 Ben Moffit 9/17/19 Outdoor Learning Area Eli Pinney Elementary School, Dublin, OH
130 Patrick Drury 9/12/19 Flag pole and Pavers St. Christopher Church, Grandview Hieghts, OH
129 Oliver Turley 9/10/19 Firewood rack and Fire ring Expansion Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH
128 Evan Montgomery 8/27/19 Dog Shelters Canine Collective, Plain City, OH
127 Grady Isaly 7/2/19 Dog Runs & Pick-up Stations Pathways to Independence, Worthington, OH
126 Drew Mullett 6/4/19 Paver walkway & Traffic control Hilliard Historical Village, Hilliard, OH
125 Max Major 5/28/19 Outdoor Stage Davis Middle School, Dublin, OH
124 Ben Bundshuh 3/26/19 Band Shelving and Storage Hilliard Darby High School, Hilliard, OH
123 Sam Weller 3/12/19 Portable Gaga Pit SON Ministries, Dublin, OH
122 Ryan Griesmer 2/12/19 Benches and planters Hilltop Preschool, Hilliard, OH
121 John Ryerson 1/15/2019 Music Room Storage Cabinets Sells Middle School,
Dublin, OH
120 Evan Burton 12/11/2018 Little Lending Library & Chairs Coffman High School
Dublin, OH
119 Alex Loustanau 12/4/2018 Fencing for Children’s Area Meadown Park Church
Columbus, OH
118 Gabriel Lopez 11/6/2018 Patio and Raised Bed Garden Patches of Light
Columbus, OH
117 Luke Atkins 9/18/2018 Scrims for Marching Band Hilliard Dary High School
Hilliard, OH
116 Ben Joyce 9/11/2018 Gaga pit & US Map Hilliard Community Center
Hilliard, OH
115 Ethan Wagner 8/14/2018 Fish Attractors Prairie Oaks Metro Parks
West Jefferson, OH
114 Joey Perry 6/19/2018 Band Shelving Systems Dublin Jerome Highschool
Dublin, OH
113 Nathan DeWeese 1/30/2018 Life Skills Teaching Island Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church, Hilliard, OH
112 Will Lewis 1/23/2018 Music Room Shelves Hoffman Elementary, Hilliard, OH
111 Zach Parton 1/9/2018 Blue Bird Houses Marburn Academy, New Albany, OH
110 Brennan Lancia 10/24/2017 Rolling Game Box for Youth Group SON Ministries, Dublin, OH
109 Isaac Hoadley 9/12/2017 Fire pit & Tables Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH
108 Prasanjit Sahoo 9/5/2017 STEM forK to 8 Dublin School District, Dublin, OH
107 Noah Oblinger 7/18/2017 Gaga pit & US Map Avery Elementary, Hilliard, OH
106 Eric Werhum 6/13/2017 VFW Flag Landscaping VFW, Hilliard, OH
105 Dominic Orozco 3/7/2017 Rain garden Darby Fields Park, Dublin, OH
104 Eric Nydegger 2/28/2017 Cat beds Animal Shelter, Columbus, OH
103 Thomas Conley 2/14/2017 Handicap Path NWUMC, Columbus, OH
102 Tristan Miller 11/22/2016 Clothing Drive for Malawi Malawi, Africa
101 Sean Hollowell 10/26/2016 Raised Bed Gardens Hilliard Senior Center, Hillard OH
100 Nick Reiner 9/6/2016 Band Shelving Systems Hillard Darby High School, Hillard OH
99 Sam Yang 04/26/2016 Park Area Refurbishment Red Traube Park, Dublin OH
98 Noah Pitzer 4/10/2016 Cabinets & Shelving Grace Church Powell, Powell, OH
97 Drew Sauvey 11/10/2015 Storage shed construction Patches of Light, Hilliard OH
96 Andrew DeWeese 11/3/2015 Mobile Computer Kiosk Hilliard Davidson High School, Hilliard OH
95 Ethan Anderson 10/22/2015 Benches & Planters Resurrection Lutheran Church, Hilliard OH
94 Austin Lugo 9/22/2015 Park Area Refurbishment Ted Kaltenbach Park, Dublin OH
93 Steven Jamison 8/18/2015 Paver Walkway Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard OH
92 Pete Mauro 8/11/2015
91 Andy Moffit 5/5/2015 Collect / Repair Bikes Bikes 4 All People, Columbus OH
90 Alex Hill 3/3/2015 Flag Pole, Landscaping Hiland Metro Park, Powell, OH
89 Christian Myklebust 2/1/2015 People in Need Cart New Start Church, Powell, OH
88 Alex Andrei 12/16/2014 Landscaping, Tree Planting Discover Christian Church, Dublin, Ohio
87 Conner Carrera 9/16/2014 Patio Refurbish & Fence Repair St. Brendon’s Church, Hilliard, Ohio
86 Simon McDaniels 9/9/2014 Flag Retirement Boxes City Of Columbus Police Station and City Hall, Columbus, OH
85 Tyler Wehrum 6/24/2014 Park Signage Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard OH
84 Kevin Pirt 4/29/2014
83 Jeff Cianca 2/4/2014 Church Chaple Restoration Catholic Social Services
82 Hayden Lugo 1/14/2014 Dog beds Franklin Cty Shelter
81 Rory Gililand 1/7/2014 Music Stand Refurbishment Sells Middle School, Dublin OH
80 Sam Johnson 12/17/2013 Install Outdoor Patio Thomas Elementary, Dublin OH
79 Blake Roberts 9/3/2013 Landscaping Discover Christian Church, Dublin, OH
78 Daniel Flower 8/27/2013 Flag Pole, Landscaping Metro Park
77 Remington Gilliland 7/2/2013 Music Stands Sells Middle School, Dublin, Ohio
76 Nick Herridge 6/3/2013 Concrete Benches Atonement Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
75 Travis Williams 5/21/2013 Flower Planters Hilliard School, Hilliard, Ohio
74 Marshall Leaver 4/30/2013 Blankets for Homeless New Life Church, Columbus, Ohio
73 Joe Tucker 4/23/2013 Music Instrumernt Shelves Hilliard Davidson HS, Hilliard, Ohio
72 Sean McCartt 4/9/2013 Recycled Material Benches (12) Franklin County Fairgrounds, Hilliard, Ohio
71 George Andrei 3/5/2013 Military Care Packages Civil Air Patrol Blue Star Mothers, Columbus, Ohio
70 Mitch Zelle 12/11/2012 Fence Repair Human Trafficking Safe House, Bellefontaine, Ohio
69 Chris Taylor 12/4/2012 Tree ID, planting, and map creation Homestead Metro Park, Hilliard, Ohio
68 Dalton Vidosh 11/27/2012 Brick paver patio Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH
67 Brandon Keller 10/2/2012 Paver Walkway Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard, Ohio
66 Josh Thomas 9/25/2012 Shed Build & Replacement St Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Dublin, Ohio
65 Chris Hill 6/26/2012 Homelss Hygiene Kits Dublin Homeless Shelter, Dublin, Ohio
64 Max Taylor 4/3/2012 Honor flight display Cols Airport/SW Terminal, Columbus, Ohio
63 Jack Buchan 3/13/2012 Recreational Trail Dog Clean Up Boxes Glacier Metro Park, Dublin, Ohio
62 Kelsey Eversole 1/17/2012 Brick patio Columbus Zoo, Columbus, Ohio
61 Cory Eversole 1/17/2012 Brick patio Columbus Zoo, Columbus, Ohio
60 Grant Neidzwiedski 1/10/2012 School Supply Backpacks Welcome Warehouse, Dublin, Ohio
59 Matthew Wolfe 1/10/2012 Benches, Lighting & Landscaping St. Christophers Church, Grandview, Ohio
58 Peter Wink 11/22/2011
57 Michael Pirt 9/27/2011
56 Nick Walliser 9/20/2011 Cat Shelter Houses Humane Society, Columbus, Ohio
55 Eric Whitley 8/16/2011 Planted trees to replace Ash trees Homestead Park, Hilliard OH
54 David Jacob 6/8/2010 Shed for Church Hope Church,Powell, OH
53 Alec Kaeppner 11/24/2009 Cat Rescue homes Columbus Cat Rescue, Dublin, Ohio
52 Mathew Muncrief 9/15/2009 Wooden Cart/games for kid Memorial Hospital, Marysville OH
51 Andrew Clark 6/2/2009 Dublin Coffman Concession Stand Dublin Music Boosters, Dublin, Ohio
50 Charlie Lanum 1/20/2009 Outdoor Fire Pit Creation Church
49 Eddie Graham 12/23/2008 Fence built at top of hill NWUMC, Columbus, OH
48 Colin McDonald 10/29/2008 Emergency Medical Kits for Automobile Glove Boxes
47 Scott Zelle 8/12/2008
46 Nick Berggren 7/1/2008
45 Cameron Locker 6/11/2008 Emergency Medical Supplies Ohio Wildlife Center and Hospital, Dublin, Ohio
44 Trever Frye 3/11/2008 Shelf stable food Drive Lutheran Social Services
43 Peter Elliott 9/16/2007
42 Kyle Conrad 7/19/2007
41 Chris Mondiek 7/17/2007
40 Gregory Finnegan 7/25/2006 Outdoor Brick Memorial St. Stephen the Martyr, Columbus, Ohio
39 R. Brendon Schaeffer 7/25/2006
38 Colin Gravois 5/30/2006 Flower Planting & Landscaping
37 Andrew Buchan 1/30/2006
36 Spencer Shadel 9/26/2005
35 Scott Elliott 8/24/2005
34 Robert (Adam) Kottenstette 8/24/2005
33 Kyle Frye 8/24/2005 Sunday School Storage Building Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran church,Hilliard, OH
32 Spencer De Rosa 7/28/2005 Food drive Dublin Food Pantry, Dublin, Ohio
31 Jeffrey Jones 5/19/2005
30 Joshua Cianca 3/29/2005
29 Alexander Berggren 2/28/2005 Chapel in woods: Alter, Benches and Table at Entrance NWUMC, Columbus, OH
28 Paul Carter 11/1/2004
27 James Davenport 6/23/2004
26 Jordan Curratti 11/17/2003
25 Mike Robes 8/1/2003
24 Matt Schmitt 2/12/2003
23 Daryn Dymond 8/4/2001
22 Charles Perin III 6/30/2001
21 Ben North 4/19/2000 Upgrades to town park Jerome Township Park,9777 Industrial Parkway, Plain City, OH
20 Brad Elliott 3/28/1998 Repair cabin floor 4H Camp Ohio,11461 Camp Ohio Road, Saint Louisville, OH
19 Brian Sykes 8/28/1998 Landscaping school grounds Worthington Kilborne High School,1499 Hard rd, Columbus OH
18 Matt Kerner 11/30/1997 Landscaping church grounds St Brendans Catholic Church,4475 Dublin rd., Hilliard, Oh
17 Jess Woods 11/30/1997 Building bird houses
16 Thomas Cline 12/11/1995
15 Peter Zuehlke 3/27/1995 Repairs to Pleasant Hill Cemetery Jerome Township
14 Michael Blaugrund 11/30/1992
13 Mathew Zuehlke 9/23/1992 Sealed and painted parking lot Prince of Peace Luthern Church,Dublin,OH
12 Christopher Marmion 8/19/1992 Build blue bird houses Dept of Natural Resources,Various in Dublin
11 Nathan Wolfe 6/15/1992
10 Timothy Pratt 2/24/1992
9 John Marmion Jr. 12/4/1991 Painted S. concession stand Dublin Soccer League,Avery Fields
8 William Patton 2/19/1991
7 Jeff Cope 2/19/1991
6 Robert Tucker III 2/11/1987
5 James Paris Jr. 1/13/1987
4 Brian Shelley 1/13/1987
3 James Tremlett 1/13/1987 Bilateral Spillway Pond Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,Dublin, OH
2 Todd Lawlov 1/13/1987 Parking Lines at Scioto Park Dublin Parks and Rec,Dublin, OH
1 Justin Hasarda 1/13/1987 Pictorial Membership Directory Sawmill Baptist Church, Powell, OH


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