Troop 200 Eagle List


Eagle Scout Eagle Date Project Beneficiary
170 Ethan Rodenbaugh 1/23/2024 Building a composting bin at NWUMC. Much needed to help with waste from the grounds of the church Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
169 Eric Davis 1/16/2024 Building a picnic tables and benches in the play area at NWUMC. Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
168 Eric Loustaunau 1/2/2024 Building a Gaga pit at NWUMC Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
167 Willam Buron 7/25/2023 Building Bat Houses at McKnight Outdoor Education Center Columbus Recreation and Parks, Columbus, Ohio
166 Satvik Gupta 5/16/2023 Custom shed to protect bird feeders and supplies. Also built display bench for butterfly garden Blendon Woods Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio
165 Ethan Strock 1/3/2023 Build two display cases for the Circleville Historical Society Circleville Historical Society, Circleville, Ohio
164 Alexander Joyce 11/1/2022 Adding a 36″ x 20″ x 60″ shelf in the back of the Dublin Coffman High School concession stand Dublin Music Boosters, Dublin, Ohio
163 Casey Robertson 8/23/2022 Build an enclosing for the school marching band tower with a floor and roof protector Hilliard Darby High School, Hilliard, Ohio
162 Sam Mullett 5/11/2022 Build four picnic tables with benches to replace old ones at NWUMC Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
161 Alexander Granville 1/25/2022 Build four benches by the fire pit at the Chapel in the Woods of NWUMC Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
160 Isaac Oblinger 1/18/2022 Build 50 Eye Gaze Communication (EGC) boards to be used to teach students communicate. Columbus City Schools, Columbus, Ohio
159 Cruz Komine 1/11/2022 Plant new flowers to nurture more diverse ecosystem Ferris Wright Park, Dublin, Ohio
158 Chase Ellis 12/28/2021 Build bird houses Hoffman Trails Elementary School, Hilliard, Ohio
157 Connor McCormick 11/23/2021 Construction of multiple shelves for local food pantry First Community Church, Columbus, Ohio
156 Nikhil Nair 9/22/2021 Build wood benches for the baseball field Dublin City Parks, Dublin, Ohio
155 Nithil Balaji 8/31/2021 Assemble and install gourd racks on a pole as housing and feeder for the Purple Martin bird Powell City Parks, Powell, Ohio
154 Nithin Anand 7/8/2021 Constructing and installing benches along trail at Northwest United Methodist Church Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
153 Drew Dorner 2/17/2021 Creating a student tutoring portal for Dublin City Schools Dublin City Schools, Dublin, Ohio
152 Alexander Kafka 2/14/2021 Replacing shelving unit at Avery Elementary Hilliard City Schools, Hilliard, Ohio
151 Samuel Ing 2/17/2021 Expanding Children’s Garden Northwest United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio
150 Jack Lansky 1/30/2021 Building a wheelchair accessible planting bed Dublin City Schools, Dublin, Ohio
149 Thomas Ryerson 1/22/2021 Establish pollinator garden around existing vegetable garden and Fletcher Coffman Homestead Dublin Parks and Recreation, Dublin, Ohio
148 Ben Kirchoff 6/17/2020 Building a platform to extend across a creek for horses to cross Ohio Horseman Council, Delaware, Ohio
147 Ian McGovern 5/13/2020 Installing an outdoor learning area consisting of stone benches and 1 larger leader stone, and a trail retaining wall. McNight outdoor center, Columbus, Ohio
146 Brady Whiteside 7/14/2020 Building a Gaga Ball pit at the Tharp Elementary School Hilliard City Schools, Ohio
145 Quentin Zimmer 7/3/2020 Conducting a training program on stop bleeding Upper Arlington, Columbus, Ohio
144 Braxton Komine 4/15/2020 Constructing two Purple Martin rigs and building 40 bluebird style nestbox kits  Ohio Ornithological Society, Westerville, Ohio
143 Dustin Simpkins 6/13/2020 Design and construct 5 fence gates for Upper Arlington Lutheran Church Upper Arlington Lutheran Churc, Hilliard, Ohio
142 Xavier El-Shazly 6/19/2020 Pollinator Garden at Red Trabue Nature Preserve City of Dublin, Ohio
141 Nick DeSilva 2/1/2020 Engineering Work Station Weaver Middle School, Hilliard, OH
140 Aaron Brown 1/21/2020 Stone Flower Planters St. Johns Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH
139 Drew Heck 12/10/19 Benches & Picnic Table Thomas Elementary, Dublin, OH
138 Sai Bethina 12/4/19 Outdoor Learning Area Thomas Elementary, Dublin, OH
137 Andy Leonard 10/19/19 Concession Stand Shelving Coffman High School, Dublin, OH
136 Jeremy England 10/12/2019 Fire Ring NWUMC, Columbus, OH
135 Jack Aldridge 10/6/19 West House Paver Walkways Northwest Chapel, Dublin, OH
134 Sam Aldridge 10/6/19 Guest House Deck & Bench Northwest Chapel, Dublin, OH
133 Iain McCormick 10/5/19 Garden Compost Bins Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Grandview Hieghts, OH
132 Josh Stock 10/29/19 Gaga Pit & Donation Counter Grove City United Methodist, Grove City, OH
131 Ben Moffit 9/17/19 Outdoor Learning Area Eli Pinney Elementary School, Dublin, OH
130 Patrick Drury 9/12/19 Flag pole and Pavers St. Christopher Church, Grandview Hieghts, OH
129 Oliver Turley 9/10/19 Firewood rack and Fire ring Expansion Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH
128 Evan Montgomery 8/27/19 Dog Shelters Canine Collective, Plain City, OH
127 Grady Isaly 7/2/19 Dog Runs & Pick-up Stations Pathways to Independence, Worthington, OH
126 Drew Mullett 6/4/19 Paver walkway & Traffic control Hilliard Historical Village, Hilliard, OH
125 Max Major 5/28/19 Outdoor Stage Davis Middle School, Dublin, OH
124 Ben Bundshuh 3/26/19 Band Shelving and Storage Hilliard Darby High School, Hilliard, OH
123 Sam Weller 3/12/19 Portable Gaga Pit SON Ministries, Dublin, OH
122 Ryan Griesmer 2/12/19 Benches and planters Hilltop Preschool, Hilliard, OH
121 John Ryerson 1/15/2019 Music Room Storage Cabinets Sells Middle School,
Dublin, OH
120 Evan Burton 12/11/2018 Little Lending Library & Chairs Coffman High School
Dublin, OH
119 Alex Loustanau 12/4/2018 Fencing for Children’s Area Meadown Park Church
Columbus, OH
118 Gabriel Lopez 11/6/2018 Patio and Raised Bed Garden Patches of Light
Columbus, OH
117 Luke Atkins 9/18/2018 Scrims for Marching Band Hilliard Dary High School
Hilliard, OH
116 Ben Joyce 9/11/2018 Gaga Pit Install & Bocce Pit Removal Hilliard Community Center
Hilliard, OH
115 Ethan Wagner 8/14/2018 Fish Attractors Prairie Oaks Metro Parks
West Jefferson, OH
114 Joey Perry 6/19/2018 Band Shelving Systems Dublin Jerome Highschool
Dublin, OH
113 Nathan DeWeese 1/30/2018 Life Skills Teaching Island Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church, Hilliard, OH
112 Will Lewis 1/23/2018 Music Room Shelves Hoffman Elementary, Hilliard, OH
111 Zach Parton 1/9/2018 Blue Bird Houses Marburn Academy, New Albany, OH
110 Brennan Lancia 10/24/2017 Rolling Game Box for Youth Group SON Ministries, Dublin, OH
109 Isaac Hoadley 9/12/2017 Fire pit & Tables Northwest Presbyterian Church, Dublin, OH
108 Prasanjit Sahoo 9/5/2017 STEM forK to 8 Dublin School District, Dublin, OH
107 Noah Oblinger 7/18/2017 Gaga pit & US Map Avery Elementary, Hilliard, OH
106 Eric Werhum 6/13/2017 VFW Flag Landscaping VFW, Hilliard, OH
105 Dominic Orozco 3/7/2017 Rain garden Darby Fields Park, Dublin, OH
104 Eric Nydegger 2/28/2017 Cat beds Animal Shelter, Columbus, OH
103 Thomas Conley 2/14/2017 Handicap Path NWUMC, Columbus, OH
102 Tristan Miller 11/22/2016 Clothing Drive for Malawi Malawi, Africa
101 Sean Hollowell 10/26/2016 Raised Bed Gardens Hilliard Senior Center, Hillard OH
100 Nick Reiner 9/6/2016 Band Shelving Systems Hillard Darby High School, Hillard OH
99 Sam Yang 04/26/2016 Park Area Refurbishment Red Traube Park, Dublin OH
98 Noah Pitzer 4/10/2016 Cabinets & Shelving Grace Church Powell, Powell, OH
97 Drew Sauvey 11/10/2015 Storage shed construction Patches of Light, Hilliard OH
96 Andrew DeWeese 11/3/2015 Mobile Computer Kiosk Hilliard Davidson High School, Hilliard OH
95 Ethan Anderson 10/22/2015 Benches & Planters Resurrection Lutheran Church, Hilliard OH
94 Austin Lugo 9/22/2015 Park Area Refurbishment Ted Kaltenbach Park, Dublin OH
93 Steven Jamison 8/18/2015 Paver Walkway Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard OH
92 Pete Mauro 8/11/2015    
91 Andy Moffit 5/5/2015 Collect / Repair Bikes Bikes 4 All People, Columbus OH
90 Alex Hill 3/3/2015 Flag Pole, Landscaping Hiland Metro Park, Powell, OH
89 Christian Myklebust 2/1/2015 People in Need Cart New Start Church, Powell, OH
88 Alex Andrei 12/16/2014 Landscaping, Tree Planting Discover Christian Church, Dublin, Ohio
87 Conner Carrera 9/16/2014 Patio Refurbish & Fence Repair St. Brendon’s Church, Hilliard, Ohio
86 Simon McDaniels 9/9/2014 Flag Retirement Boxes City Of Columbus Police Station and City Hall, Columbus, OH
85 Tyler Wehrum 6/24/2014 Park Signage Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard OH
84 Kevin Pirt 4/29/2014 Popcorn and slushy stand for school store Hilliard Bradley Senior High School, Hilliard, Ohio
83 Jeff Cianca 2/4/2014 Church Chaple Restoration Catholic Social Services
82 Hayden Lugo 1/14/2014 Dog beds Franklin Cty Shelter
81 Rory Gililand 1/7/2014 Music Stand Refurbishment Sells Middle School, Dublin OH
80 Sam Johnson 12/17/2013 Install Outdoor Patio Thomas Elementary, Dublin OH
79 Blake Roberts 9/3/2013 Landscaping Discover Christian Church, Dublin, OH
78 Daniel Flower 8/27/2013 Flag Pole, Landscaping Metro Park
77 Remington Gilliland 7/2/2013 Music Stands Sells Middle School, Dublin, Ohio
76 Nick Herridge 6/3/2013 Concrete Benches Atonement Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
75 Travis Williams 5/21/2013 Flower Planters Hilliard School, Hilliard, Ohio
74 Marshall Leaver 4/30/2013 Blankets for Homeless New Life Church, Columbus, Ohio
73 Joe Tucker 4/23/2013 Music Instrumernt Shelves Hilliard Davidson HS, Hilliard, Ohio
72 Sean McCartt 4/9/2013 Recycled Material Benches (12) Franklin County Fairgrounds, Hilliard, Ohio
71 George Andrei 3/5/2013 Military Care Packages Civil Air Patrol Blue Star Mothers, Columbus, Ohio
70 Mitch Zelle 12/11/2012 Fence Repair Human Trafficking Safe House, Bellefontaine, Ohio
69 Chris Taylor 12/4/2012 Tree ID, planting, and map creation Homestead Metro Park, Hilliard, Ohio
68 Dalton Vidosh 11/27/2012 Brick paver patio Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH
67 Brandon Keller 10/2/2012 Paver Walkway Hilliard Historic Center, Hilliard, Ohio
66 Josh Thomas 9/25/2012 Shed Build & Replacement St Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Dublin, Ohio
65 Chris Hill 6/26/2012 Homelss Hygiene Kits Dublin Homeless Shelter, Dublin, Ohio
64 Max Taylor 4/3/2012 Honor flight display Cols Airport/SW Terminal, Columbus, Ohio
63 Jack Buchan 3/13/2012 Recreational Trail Dog Clean Up Boxes Glacier Metro Park, Dublin, Ohio
62 Kelsey Eversole 1/17/2012 Brick patio Columbus Zoo, Columbus, Ohio
61 Cory Eversole 1/17/2012 Brick patio Columbus Zoo, Columbus, Ohio
60 Grant Neidzwiedski 1/10/2012 School Supply Backpacks Welcome Warehouse, Dublin, Ohio
59 Matthew Wolfe 1/10/2012 Benches, Lighting & Landscaping St. Christophers Church, Grandview, Ohio
58 Peter Wink 11/22/2011    
57 Michael Pirt 9/27/2011 Molly Cart – used to store protective covering for theatre stage Hilliard Bradley Senior High School, Hilliard, Ohio
56 Nick Walliser 9/20/2011 Cat Shelter Houses Humane Society, Columbus, Ohio
55 Eric Whitley 8/16/2011 Planted trees to replace Ash trees Homestead Park, Hilliard OH
54 David Jacob 6/8/2010 Shed for Church Hope Church,Powell, OH
53 Alec Kaeppner 11/24/2009 Cat Rescue homes Columbus Cat Rescue, Dublin, Ohio
52 Mathew Muncrief 9/15/2009 Wooden Cart/games for kid Memorial Hospital, Marysville OH
51 Andrew Clark 6/2/2009 Dublin Coffman Concession Stand Dublin Music Boosters, Dublin, Ohio
50 Charlie Lanum 1/20/2009 Outdoor Fire Pit Creation Church
49 Eddie Graham 12/23/2008 Fence built at top of hill NWUMC, Columbus, OH
48 Colin McDonald 10/29/2008 Emergency Medical Kits for Automobile Glove Boxes  
47 Scott Zelle 8/12/2008    
46 Nick Berggren 7/1/2008    
45 Cameron Locker 6/11/2008 Emergency Medical Supplies Ohio Wildlife Center and Hospital, Dublin, Ohio
44 Trever Frye 3/11/2008 Shelf stable food Drive Lutheran Social Services
43 Peter Elliott 9/16/2007    
42 Kyle Conrad 7/19/2007    
41 Chris Mondiek 7/17/2007    
40 Gregory Finnegan 7/25/2006 Outdoor Brick Memorial St. Stephen the Martyr, Columbus, Ohio
39 R. Brendon Schaeffer 7/25/2006    
38 Colin Gravois 5/30/2006 Flower Planting & Landscaping  
37 Andrew Buchan 1/30/2006    
36 Spencer Shadel 9/26/2005    
35 Scott Elliott 8/24/2005    
34 Robert (Adam) Kottenstette 8/24/2005    
33 Kyle Frye 8/24/2005 Sunday School Storage Building Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran church,Hilliard, OH
32 Spencer De Rosa 7/28/2005 Food drive Dublin Food Pantry, Dublin, Ohio
31 Jeffrey Jones 5/19/2005    
30 Joshua Cianca 3/29/2005    
29 Alexander Berggren 2/28/2005 Chapel in woods: Alter, Benches and Table at Entrance NWUMC, Columbus, OH
28 Paul Carter 11/1/2004    
27 James Davenport 6/23/2004    
26 Jordan Curratti 11/17/2003    
25 Mike Robes 8/1/2003    
24 Matt Schmitt 2/12/2003    
23 Daryn Dymond 8/4/2001    
22 Charles Perin III 6/30/2001    
21 Ben North 4/19/2000 Upgrades to town park Jerome Township Park,9777 Industrial Parkway, Plain City, OH
20 Brad Elliott 3/28/1998 Repair cabin floor 4H Camp Ohio,11461 Camp Ohio Road, Saint Louisville, OH
19 Brian Sykes 8/28/1998 Landscaping school grounds Worthington Kilborne High School,1499 Hard rd, Columbus OH
18 Matt Kerner 11/30/1997 Landscaping church grounds St Brendans Catholic Church,4475 Dublin rd., Hilliard, Oh
17 Jess Woods 11/30/1997 Building bird houses  
16 Thomas Cline 12/11/1995    
15 Peter Zuehlke 3/27/1995 Repairs to Pleasant Hill Cemetery Jerome Township
14 Michael Blaugrund 11/30/1992    
13 Mathew Zuehlke 9/23/1992 Sealed and painted parking lot Prince of Peace Luthern Church,Dublin,OH
12 Christopher Marmion 8/19/1992 Build blue bird houses Dept of Natural Resources,Various in Dublin
11 Nathan Wolfe 6/15/1992    
10 Timothy Pratt 2/24/1992    
9 John Marmion Jr. 12/4/1991 Painted S. concession stand Dublin Soccer League,Avery Fields
8 William Patton 2/19/1991    
7 Jeff Cope 2/19/1991    
6 Robert Tucker III 2/11/1987    
5 James Paris Jr. 1/13/1987    
4 Brian Shelley 1/13/1987    
3 James Tremlett 1/13/1987 Bilateral Spillway Pond Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,Dublin, OH
2 Todd Lawlov 1/13/1987 Parking Lines at Scioto Park Dublin Parks and Rec,Dublin, OH
1 Justin Hasarda 1/13/1987 Pictorial Membership Directory Sawmill Baptist Church, Powell, OH

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