Common Terms and Definitions

Term Definition
BSA Boy Scouts of America
Council & District Simon Kenton Council; Buckeye District
Troop Similar to a “pack”; our troop is Troop 200 and is chartered by Northwest United Methodist Church
Patrol Similar to a “den”; a group of scouts that work, camp and service together
Patrol Leader The scout elected by his patrol to help lead the patrol
Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) The scout elected by the troop to be the troops youth leader
Assistant SPL (ASPL) The assistants the SPL selects to help lead the troop
Patrol Leader Council (PLC) The monthly meeting where the youth leadership plans future programming
Scout Master Similar to a “Cub Master”; the lead adult working with the Scouts
Committee Chair The lead adult coordinating the efforts of other adults
Committee Meeting The monthly meeting where the adults leadership addresses the safety and logistics to fill the program needs
Merit Badges ~130 specific subject areas that a Scout can explore and learn new skills
White Ringers Eagle rank required merit badges, have a white border vs. green border

We are Troop 200