Nights of Camping

Troop 200 places a heavy emphasis on the outdoor experience.  To help recognize the level of participation in these experiences, the troop has created a Nights Of Camping (NOC) program.  Each night is tracked in the Troop’s database, and we recognize achievement level by providing a specially banded neckerchief.

Nights Neckerchief
1–24 Solid green
25–49 Single white band
50–74 Single red band
75-99 Blue
100-149 Double white
150-199 One red, one white
200-249 one blue, one white
250 + Red, white & blue band

Program Rules

NOC apply to Troop 200 registered Scouters for each night completed on any BSA related Troop, patrol, OA, Pack or Crew event.  This includes high adventure and council and district events, such as working at camp staff.  The nights also include cabin and lock-in events.  Nights inside a family home, a hotel, etc do not apply.

Youth:  Nights earned as a cub scout do not apply to Troop 200 NOC program (except as grandfathered prior to 2011).  Youth scouts transferring from another troop may apply any documented nights to the Troop 200 NOC program.

Adults:  Nights earned before registering with Troop 200 do not apply, except as grandfathered prior to 2011, or as allowed by the Scoutmaster and Nights of Camping coordinator.  Youth camping nights do not apply for T200 adults EXCEPT for adults who were registered with T200 as a youth and have existing NOC records.

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