3T: Turkey Teaching Tips

Turkey Campout Teaching Stations

10 1⁄2 Tips for Success 1

Overall: Remember, these younger boys will look up to you. It is your role to teach them as well as you can with your abilities and most of that effort comes from a great attitude and remembering some simple tips… Remember not so long ago when you were in their place?!

1. Introduce yourself and have them do the same. Believe it or not, it is really important to most people to hear their own name. Use their name rather than calling them “hey kid”.

2. Be pleasant and respectful. Treat them how you want to be treated. Simply BE nice!

3. Smile! That is what really separates humans from any other life form and it simply makes people happy to see a smile! The best salesmen always smile, even if they are talking with someone on the phone!

4. Share the planning and teaching responsibilities equally within your patrol!

5. Don’t tell them what to do and know – use the E.D.G.E. method instead:

  • Explain
    First explain what you will be doing. Tell them the steps involved. Visual Aids and props are definitely helpful for this step. Use questions to see if they are understanding.
  • Demonstrate
    Show them how to do the skill or learn something. Demonstrate the steps or show the props using the actual materials. Describe what you are doing.
  • Guide
    Let them practice the skill or tell you what they are learning. Guide and coach them as they try to do it themselves. This step will take the most time.
  • Enable
    Enable them by letting them do the skill themselves without any interruption unless they ask you OR seem like they are not getting it and stuck.

6. Speaking of props and visual aids – make them count! Make them look good and make sure they are easy to read and understand! Put some time and effort into them.

7. Practice what you plan to say and demonstrate. A great sports team is only great because of practice and that goes for teaching!

8. Think about some of your favorite teachers – what makes them your favorite?

9. Stop every now and then and ask them if they have any questions!

10. Leave enough time for them to practice – that is the enable part…

10 1⁄2. Have fun – this is scouting, not work!

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