It’s Popcorn Time

Popcorn Sale Starts September 21st (Do Not Sell Before this Date)

Popcorn Sale Ends November 5th

Every Tuesday starting September 24th (during the Spaghetti Dinner)

  • Pick-up Popcorn – downstairs
  • Turn in collected Money (Checks payable to BSA Troop 200)

Pecatonica River is the new supplier – All Products are produced in a facility that also packages peanuts. The microwave and unpopped items are produced in dedicated sections of the facility that do not come in contact with peanuts.

Troop Earns 32% Profits of all Sales of which ¼ (8%) Stays in Troop Account and ¾ (24%) goes in Scout Account

  • i.e. Scouts earn $24 in their scout account for every $100 of popcorn sold and additional prizes

Council Prizes

  • I-Pad Mini Raffle for anyone who sells a Chocolate Lovers Tin
  • $1250 Level – 2 OSU Men’s Hockey Tickets
  • $1500 Level – 2 Blue Jackets Hockey Tickets

Popcorn Kernel

  • Reassa Wagner
  • 614-767-0470 (home) 614-557-6527 (cell)

Popcorn Cadets

  • Donna Perry 614-873-4336 (home) 614-668-4336 (cell)
  • Karen Holt 614-499-0519
  • Steph Orris 614-353-2557
  • Tawnya Lewis 614-448-7087