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2016 Turkey Campout

Download a PDF Flyer for Arrow of Light Scouts and Guests
Download a PDF Flyer for Troop 200 Boy Scouts

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Northwest United Methodist Church
5200 Riverside Drive, Columbus OH 43220

 Cost:  $ 20 – for Scouts
$15 – Guests for Dinner Saturday

Fee Includes:  Friday night cracker barrel, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Turkey dinner, and Sunday morning grab-n-go breakfast

An amazing turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Saturday Evening program with a special flag retirement ceremony.

2016 Popcorn Explosion

Hello!! Gary DeSilva and Joy Caudill will be your 2016 Popcorn Kernels.

Download the Flyer or the Sales Spreadsheet as needed.

Here is some information on the sale this year. Any questions at all along the way, please contact us at .

We need your help!! Our troop earns over 30% of each sale and Scouts receive 75% of the troop’s profit from their individual sales for their own account. It is THE biggest fundraiser for our council. Please do your part, not only for Troop 200, but also for Buckeye District and Simon Kenton Council. Help us support Boy Scout programs that we all love.

Let’s have another record sales year for troop 200!! 





17 FROM 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. AT THE CHURCH.**

New this year: Peanut Butter Cup and a new design for the Chocolate Lover’s OSU Tin

2016 Simon Kenton Council Youth Training


JLOW, Junior Leader Orientation Workshop, the one day event sponsored for youth (Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers and Sea Scouts) just beginning leadership roles in their unit and for Scouts wanting to learn more about how to be a better leader. (It is recommended that Boy Scouts have been in the troop for at least 1 year). There are 2 training tracks to choose from!




To qualify for this exciting training, a Scout must be First Class, 13 years of age (14 years of age and older is STRONGLY recommended), and approved by his Scoutmaster. A Venture equivalent outdoor skills and be approved by their unit leader. All participants should have had at least one long-term camping experience and be comfortable living in the outdoors at a camp setting. We expect participants to abide by the Scout Oath and Law, governing all behavior. We expect participants to make decisions based on the principals of the Boy Scout programs, as well as those skills they will be taught as part of the NYLT PROGRAM.

Each course can accommodate up to 48 youth. To ensure the best experience, a maximum of eight participants from one Unit is suggested.

To find out more or if you have questions, please contact:

April- Patty Hisey: NYLT Simon Kenton Council, (614-778-4075)   Register for NYLT – Simon Kenton at Camp Lazarus Here

June- Bill Hohman: NYLT Nagatamen (614-216-3962)   Register for NYLT – Nagatamen at Camp Oyo Here

June- Chip Herr: NYLT True North (614-546-8578)   Register for NYLT – True North at Camp Oyo Here

2016 Summer Camp

Camp Friedlander July 10 – 16

Any forms you or your scout may need that are not listed here can be found on the Camp Friendlander Site.

The latest listing of what badges each scout is registered for.  Please work with your scout so that they can complete any prerequisites as needed.  This will allow them to get the most out of their time at camp.

Friedlander Departure Information
Merit Badge Prerequisites
Camp Friedlander Map
Camp Friedlander Early Release Form
Camp Friedlander Hold Harmless form for COPE
Camp Friedlander Special Diet Form (at least two weeks prior to camp)
Download PDF Version of Flyer 

Download Class List and Times

Scouts – $ 280
There may be additional costs for some programs and merit badges
$20 late fee if registering after March 10th (except 1st year Scouts, no late fee)
$200 of the $280 is refundable if cancelled by May 10th
Adults – $ 120
Registered T200 leaders – $60
Note:  It is recommended that parents of first year Scouts do not attend.


  • Tuesday, February 23: Summer Camp 1st Payment Due
    • First half payment due ($140)
    • Merit Badge Selection Schedule due

Note:  If you have not committed by this date, you will miss the first registration for merit badge classes, and choices will be limited at later dates.

  • Tuesday, April 26th: Final camp payment due
    • Second half payment due ($140)
  • Swim test at Aquatic Adventures: Sign up for a 15 minute time slot on:
    • Sunday, April 10th, from 5 – 7 PM (2 lanes), or,
    • Sunday, April 24st from 5-7 (1 lane)
  • Tuesday, June 14: FORMS DUE
    • Doctor signed Health and Medical Form (Parts A, B, & C)
    • Hold Harmless form
    • SCUBA & Snorkel Release (if applicable)
    • Special Diet Request (if applicable)
  • Sunday, July 10 – depart for Camp Friedlander
  • Saturday, July 16 – return from Camp Friedlander

If you have questions, please contact:

Summer Camp Coordinator:

Bill Lansky


Troop 200 will be attending summer camp at Camp Friedlander, which is just outside of Cincinnati, OH.  We have attended this camp as a Troop since 2011, so some of the older Scouts know it very well.  The camp is a very nice location and completed significant upgrades in 2002 with new restroom/showers and dining hall.

There is a very nice lake area with canoes, row boats, kayaks, sail boats, and “the blob”.  There is also a pool where much of the swimming merit badge instruction is provided.

The rifle and shotgun ranges are a distant hike, but our camp sites are the closest camp site location to these areas.  There is also a nice archery range on the other side of the camp.  (Note:  Scouts will need tokens from trading post for open-session rifle and shotgun.  Open archery is no cost.)

Typical Schedule

All first year Scouts in Troop 200 will be signed up for First Aid merit badge and Swimming (either swimming merit badge or instructional swim, depending upon ability).   Several craft merit badges that boys usually find entertaining are leather work, fingerprinting, photography, and the like.

Other Merit Badges

Swimming, First Aid,  along with open swim / open ranges and other activities provide a good first year experience.  If your Scout is driven, they may want to select an additional merit badge.  First year Scouts are not typically eligible for Shotgun, Rifle, Climbing, Emergency Prep, and Metal Works.  Fishing, space exploration, geocaching, and most merit badges offered in Handicraft and Cultural Village are good choices for first year scouts.  A list of merit badge offerings is available on the Troop 200 web site under “Documents / Summer Camp”.  (2016 schedule available in February)

Facilities / Food / Free Time

Scouts will tent in “sites” of 30-60 people.  Canvas tents with wood platforms are provided.  Each tent holds two cots and pads.  First year Scouts will tent with other first year Scouts.  Typically Scouts will decide who to tent with before arriving at camp.

The troop eats breakfast, lunch and dinner together in the dining hall each day.  The troop typically leaves from our camp site(s) for breakfast and dinner as a troop, while the lunch meal is “meet up” at the dining hall, since many of the Scouts are in program areas immediately before lunch.  Food is plentiful.  In addition to the main meal, there is always breakfast cereal in the morning and a salad bar for lunch and dinner.  Allergy and special diet menus are available by completing “special diet request” form.  Vegetarian options are always available; no special diet request form is needed.

Your son will have 1 hour of free time after lunch and before dinner.  They may also have additional free time between sessions, depending upon chosen schedule.  We recommend keeping the 4:00-5:00 session open to take advantage of the open swim, boating and shooting ranges.  There is also a variety of open programs areas after dinner.  And yes, there is a trading post.

Gear:  Start looking for a large foot locker.  No tent, mess kit, sleeping pad or hiking boots needed.

Typical Schedule

Your Scout will be in merit badge classes with Scouts from Troop 200 as well as Scouts from other troops.  We will attempt to schedule Troop 200 scouts that are from the same cub scout pack together in classes as possible.  The following is a typical schedule and will run Monday – Friday.  Actual class times will vary.

TIME                     ACTIVITY                                          LOCATION

8   am             Flag Raising & Breakfast                     Dining Hall

9   am             First Aid Merit Badge                             Outdoor Skills

10 am             Other Merit Badge                                  Other program area

11 am             Swimming MB or Instruction                Pool

Noon              Lunch                                                      Dining Hall

1   pm             Free time for all of camp

2   pm             Handicraft Power Hour                         Handicraft

3   pm             Other Merit Badge                                  Other program area

4   pm             Open swim / Open Shooting sports

  • pm Dinner & Flag Lowering
  • pm Evening Programs*
  • Evening programs include open areas, like shooting ranges, water sports, climbing wall, or special events, like competitions and campfire programs.

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