Adult Patrol List

Adult Patrol

The Thundering Dark Knights are made up of the adult leaders of Troop 200. Known for the “thundering roar” of the leaders (usually after falling asleep), the following “knights” pledge their defense of an unsound sleep….

Name Lead Pos #1 Lead Pos #2 Occupation
Armstrong, Joseph Committee Member Social Worker
Bellman, David Executive
Bradshaw, Jeffery Committee Member Retail
Cianca, Josh Committee Member
Cianca, Stephen Asst Scoutmaster Chaplain Attorney-Educator
Conley, Andrew Asst Scoutmaster Manager
Curry, Gregory Committee Member Nights of Camping Sales
Domer, Timothy Asst Scoutmaster Technician
Flower, Robert Committee Member Engineer
Fries, Thomas Committee Chair Sales
Frye, Kyle Asst Scoutmaster Unit College Reserv
Frye, Matt Asst Scoutmaster Manager
Frye, Trever Asst Scoutmaster Unit College Reserv
Gilliland, Ronald Asst Scoutmaster District sales Mgr
Hill, Nicholas Asst Scoutmaster Laboratory Manger
Holewinski, Mathew Committee Member Technical
Holewinski, Melissa Committee Member IT Manager
Hollowell, Skip Asst Scoutmaster  Technology Chair Software
Jamison, Greg Asst Scoutmaster Membership Chr Trade Compliance Manager
Johnson, Robert Asst Scoutmaster Chemist
Joyce, Jason Asst Scoutmaster Engineer
Keller, Jeff Webmaster Committee Member Electrical Engineer
Klosterman, Kevin
Kuntzman, Thomas Asst Scoutmaster
Leaver, Kate Asst Scoutmaster ScoutParent Coord Manager Ins/Agent
Leaver, Scott Committee Member
Lewis, Tawnya
Locker, Mark Committee Member Unit Eagle Advisor Transportation Planning
Lugo, Saul Asst Scoutmaster Export/Import Cordinator
McCartt, Andrew Asst Scoutmaster Fund Raising Chr Sr. VP Marketing
McDaniels, Todd Asst Scoutmaster Training Chair Business Analyst
Munsch, Mike Asst. Dist. Comm.
Muncrief, Matthew Asst Scoutmaster Unit College Reserv
Nydegger, Ed Asst Scoutmaster Summer Camp Chr Treasury Manager
Oblinger, Dean Asst Scoutmaster
Oblinger, Kim Asst Scoutmaster Ops Manager
Orris, Richard Committee Member Tech Support
Osborn, Edward Asst Scoutmaster Project Coordinator
Osborn, Teddy Asst Scoutmaster Unit College Reserv Student
Parton, Steven Asst Scoutmaster Police Officer
Pirt, John Scoutmaster Data Architect
Pirt, Michael Asst Scoutmaster Unit College Reserv
Pirt, Vicky Committee Member Treasurer Accountant
Riley, Kirk Chartered Org Rep
Roman, Ronald Asst Scoutmaster Engineer
Sauvey, Joanne Committee Member Advancement Chr Engineer
Shadel, Robert Committee Member Physician
Shadel, Spencer Committee Member Student
Taylor, Dan Asst Scoutmaster Historian Scientist
Taylor, Rich Asst Scoutmaster Architect
Tucker, Robert Asst Scoutmaster Chaplain Engineer
Vidosh, John Asst Scoutmaster MB Councilor Coord Director
Wallberg, Gary Asst Scoutmaster Sales
Walliser, Andrew Asst Scoutmaster Maintenance Supervisor
Wehrum, Henry Asst Scoutmaster Physician

Troop 200 also wishes to thank all the many parents, friends, and volunteers of Troop 200 Scouts and Northwest United Methodist Church for all their support and help thoughout the year!

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