Snow Sports

2013 Snow Sports Campout

Drop off your son Day: Saturday
Date: February 2, 2013
Time: 7:30 AM
Location: Kroger Parking Lot – Dublin – SR. 161 & Frantz Road
Pick up your son  Day: Sunday
Date: February 3, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Kroger Parking Lot – Dublin – SR. 161 & Frantz Road
Destination  Mad River Mountain & Marmon Farms
What to Bring  ALWAYS Scout Handbook
ALWAYS Water Bottle
NO Camping Gear
NO Cool Weather Gear
YES Cold Weather Gear
NO Summer Camp Gear
ALWAYS Medication Form (if necessary)
Event Cost
(Give to Event Leader)
$36 + other Cash
Check – Payable to BSA Troop 200
Scout Account – Follow the Link
Meals EAT BEFORE YOU ARRIVE Saturday – Breakfast
TROOP COOKING Saturday – Lunch
TROOP COOKING Saturday – Dinner
TROOP COOKING Sunday – Breakfast
Event Leader(s) Drew McCartt Phone: 614-403-4886
Tom Kuntzman Phone: 614-560-4136
Drew McCartt Phone: 614-403-4886
Tom Kuntzman Phone: 614-560-4136
Scout Requirement NOT MANDATORY



1.   $36 per person for food/lodging, plus additional

2.   Mad River Mountain lift ticket, rental, lesson*

*Depending on what you need…

 You must sign-up and pay for the trip NO LATER than Weds, January 2.

Space is limited!

Helmets are mandatory – rent on your own or bring yours.

During upcoming troop meetings, we will be presenting the Snow Sports merit badge requirements, and we will speaking about safety and the importance of skiing and boarding within your limits of ability.

SKIING/BOARDING COSTS –  Mad River Mountain:

Lift Pass

Ski or Snowboard Rental


Helmet Rent.

Up to 12yrs old










 *Seasonal Membership passes to Mad River will be honored of course – bring it with you on the trip please.  This is important.

 Mr. Kuntzman and Mr. McCartt will be collecting checks, cash or scout account money for FOOD/LODGING plusSKIING/BOARDING COSTS. All checks to be made payable to BSA Troop 200.


DEPARTURE: Please be at the rear of the parking lot of Kroger (closest to 161), corner of Frantz Rd and 161 at 7:30am with your complete gear and having eaten breakfast of some sort to give you energy and some warmth.  You can wear your ski/board clothes and gear, BUT not the socks in which you are going to ski/board.  Keep those separate and dry. If you have a season pass for Mad River, please bring it!!

  • We will be driving directly from the Kroger parking via carpool, to Mad River Mountain Ski Area (MRM) and meeting in the parking lot and wait while a couple leaders get the credentials – lift tickets, rental and lesson info.
  • Please don’t bring electronic games or cell phones, though you may bring cards or another simple game you may play after dinner on Saturday
  • We will be skiing/boarding in the morning, then lunch at the lodge with the food we bring, then more skiing.  We will then depart MRM for Marmon Valley Farms at about 5:20, one mile away, for dinner and then to drop gear in the cabins which are heated and come with bunk beds.
  • After dinner and a break, those who wish to return to MRM to ski/board can do so for 2-3 hours with 2-3 adult leaders.  We will have a brief campfire that evening as well.

RETURN:  On Sunday, we will rise by 7:00am for full hot breakfast from Marmon, a brief chapel service and then depart Marmon around 9:00am.  We will meet again at the same Kroger parking lot – parents should be there at 10am.  However, we may run a little earlier or later – boys can contact parents via cell phone if that is the case.

GEAR & CLOTHING CONSIDERATIONS:                                                                  

  • Three basic rules – layers – stay dry – keep skin covered.
  • The temperatures may be quite cold – regardless, dress in layers with poly layers like Under Armor or similar wool, silk or poly layers next to your skin.
  • Socks – wool, or wool/poly blend and one medium thick pair with ski/board boots that are not too tight will work best for your feet OR a thin liner sock under a thicker wool/poly blend sock. Ski socks are a great investment. Take an extra pair or two (esp if skiing at night again) and don’t wear them on the way there – change into them right before going onto the slope. FEET WARMTH SECRET: START WITH DRY SOCKS.
  • Gloves or mittens – something with great insulation which will block moisture works best – keep them dry.  Don’t use knit cotton or wool gloves.  Take the disposable hand warmers if your hands tent to get cold.
  • Water resistant coats and snow pants are a must with long underwear layers underneath.
  • Hats, ear-covers (like 180s) and face masks or balaclavas are great.
  • Helmets are MANDATORY– try Aspen Ski and Board, Dicks, or Sports Authority. However, Mad River also rents them for $1 for youth and $10 for adults.
  • Goggles are big plus to keep snow and ice out of your eyes, cut down on glare and prevent water eyes.  Again – Aspen Ski and Board, Dick’s and Sport Authority carry several of them.
  • Don’t try to be cool and not wear the right coats or gear – you will get cold and wet and UNCOOL.
  • Take a pair of boots and extra clothes for after skiing/boarding and the morning.
  • You will of course need your sleeping bag and pillow, plus any personal toiletries

Adult leaders will be both skiing on the slopes all day AND stationed in the lodge as a check in point, however, it is the scout’s responsibility to ski/board safely and report when and where they are told.

ALL MEDICINES:  Please bring those with clear instructions in a plastic baggie with your name written on it with a permanent marker.  An adult will be selected to manage all youth medicine however it is the responsibility of the scout to see the adult to get and take their medicine!