2013 Patrol Methods Day

Patrol Methods Day

Saturday April 20th, 2013.

New scouts should plan to attend the Troop 200 “Patrol Methods Day” Saturday, This day is specifically designed for the new scout and his new patrol. It is an outing designed by our troop to transition boys into Boy Scouting. The day will help the new patrols bond, pick patrol names and flags, enjoy team activities and provide all the very basics of boy scouting.

This event will be held at High Banks Metro Park. Please plan on dropping off your son no later than 8:00 am


From I-270, take Route 23 North approximately 2.7 miles. The entrance to High Banks is on the LEFT (WEST). If you get to Powell Road, you have went too far! You can view further information on the park at http://www.metroparks.net/Parkshighbanks.aspx. We will meet in the OAK COVES Picnic Area – Look for scouts and signs. (Make the first LEFT after you enter the park)

Boys will need a sack lunch, refillable water bottle (nalgene), comfortable hiking shoes (see note below) and a personal first aid kit (see scout book). BRING your Scout Handbook.

Dress Appropriately

The park is always colder than in town, so please be sure your son is dressed appropriately. Layered protection makes it easy to add or take off clothing as necessary. Make them bring the heavier coat, gloves, and a hat – if we warm up – we’ll leave them at the shelter. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event! Please bring a poncho or rain suit if there is any chance of rain. A small daypack for your son to carry things in is ok as well.


If your son has a comfortable pair of already worn boots, bring them. However, we would not advise you to invest in a pair now, if the first day that your scout will wear them is at this event! Tennis shoes are ok. In fact, we would encourage them to bring an extra pair of shoes, and socks. Just in case we may want to change before the hike.

Water Bottle & Lunch

Please be sure your son has a refillable water bottle. We would recommend that you purchase a Nalgene Water Bottle for your son. One of the first things we stress with your child in scouting is the need for proper hydration. Now is a good time to begin the process that will be important for any outdoor activity your son will participate in with Scouting. This is a critical component of summer camp – so let’s get started now! There will be water available for refilling as needed. It is a busy day finished off with a five mile hike, so please be sure your son has a good, healthy lunch.

Pick Up

We estimate that the day will finish at 4:00, however, this is an estimate. Please be available via phone as we will call you if we expect to finish either earlier or later.

Patrol Formations

The Patrols that your son will be in will be announced at arrival on Patrol Methods Day. We will have more on the overall agenda for you at our next meeting, but the formation and bonding of the Patrol group is fundamentally critical to scouting.

Troop Contacts

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Gary Wallberg Cell 614-203-5450 scoutergwally@gmail.com